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We build APIs and efficient data processing pipelines, working side by side with your people to deliver better software faster.
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What can we do for you?

We specialize in agile software development and high performant functional programming. We can build APIs, web applications or data processing systems, either from scratch or as an improvement for a legacy system.

With decades of experience on the JVM platform our programmers build robust, yet highly maintainable software using Functional Programming principles aiming to realize our clients' objectives safer, faster, and more efficiently.

Accelerate your team

We can accelerate your IT development by working in tandem with your team, either in a long-term relationship or as a temporary solution. Having some of our experts in your team will help you adopting best practices, learning new architectures or moving your systems to new environments like the cloud.

You can hire our experts to get started while you build your own team and gradually make the transition to a fully in-house team once the system is built, or you can bring some of our experts to share their knowledge and modernize an existing team.

Through pair programming, code reviews, and other practices, your team will always have full ownership of the code, the architecture and the operations of the software system. We can also organize workshops, talks or training sessions to tackle specific topics.


We have many years of experience in education and training. We can design and offer workshops to tackle specific subjects or give a more general course and pay special attention to individuals going so far as to do ‘pair programming’ with members of your team. They will learn hands-on and be able to apply what they learn right away to further develop your software independently.

If you require specific training on a certain part of Functional Programming, we can put together a curriculum based on open-source materials where students will study individually and we guide the group periodically to assure the quality and progression of knowledge and the skills of the group.

Software Development

If you want to build a digital product, or need some software built, but don’t want to have to manage a development team, you can partner with us and let us build your software for you while you keep full ownership of everything.

We will match your business needs with the best fitting tech-stacks and practices. Focus on your product, forget about anything else. Hire a cutting edge development team as a service and start building Agile software in a matter of days.


If you just need some guidance to help you deal with architecture or technology issues, we can assist you by giving a third-party opinion based in our experience and knowledge. We can design, conceptualize and engineer the best architecture required for your Backend considering present and future needs, ready to adapt to changes in requirements.

Scala and its multi-paradigm nature allows us to tailor it to our clients’ needs, even in the most complicated environments requiring continuous delivery. For example, we may have a java legacy code base and gradually transition such a base without a full rewrite. This lowers cost and risk.

Possible problems and weaknesses are identified in advance and thus we can recommend and implement better solutions for your technology stack and architecture. This guarantees your systems will be reconfigurable and expandable when needed.

Your IT is only as good as the people behind it



Either as a public-facing data repository (like in an Open Data scenario), as the internal backend for your web and/or mobile applications, or for integration with a third-party, a reliable API is critical for the smooth operation of your systems.

We have built REST APIs in a wide variety of languages (Scala, Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Rust) and frameworks and we can build an API for you choosing the right technology for your requirements.

Full stack development

Full stack applications are applications where the same team builds everything, from the gathering of requirements to the running system. This allows for faster iteration because there is less need for communication between specialist teams, but it requires a generalist knowledge in a wide range of areas.

Our full-stack developers can build such an application for you, using the best technology for each layer, from the frontend frameworks like react to the databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL.

Streaming/Reactive systems

Sometimes the datasets we are working with are too big to be held in RAM, or maybe we want to handle tens or hundreds of thousands of connections at the same time and a classical web backend is not enough anymore.

We can leverage our experience with asynchronous functional programming to build streaming APIs or event driven systems that make efficient use of resources to handle these situations.


We have been building software with Scala for a decade and we still love the language. From our first projects using Java libraries like jersey (JAX-RS) to our current projects using cats-effect, spark or play framework we have extensive experience in using the Scala programming language in a variety of situations.

If your team is adopting Scala or is looking for Scala experts, you can bring us to the team and they will learn as they work with us. We will help you find the subset of the language that best accomodates your organization needs.


See what we have already done for some of our clients.

Ametller Orígen
Ametller Orígen
An event driven system that has become the backbone of the IT of this fast-growing food retailer.
A modern API for a legacy system, enabling new uses and integrations, as well as a migration to the cloud while keeping full compatibility with the existing applications.
Intent HQ
Intent HQ
In collaboration with their team we built a platform for data analysis that processes billions of data points to find meaningul insights.
A zero-maintenance REST API that allows the publication of internal data files for thir party integration.
Leverage asynchronous functional programming to lower the costs for a system processing millions of data points every day.
An actor based dispatching system that finds the optimal route for their riders in real time.

Our Amazing Team

A developer at Agilogy is never alone.

While every project has its dedicated developers, we all work in a team and can gather from each other’s strengths and collective experience covering a broad range of programming skills.

We also believe that learning is never done. Technologies evolve and new programming languages and frameworks appear constantly. That’s why we invest a lot in training, both in-house and traveling together to seminars and events.

We believe we’ve created an organization where the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

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