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Empowering your team with functional code

What we do

Backend Software Development

Agilogy specializes in developing customized Backend Software based on Functional Programming. We are experts in building API’s and effective Web Applications to make your IT systems run more efficiently.

As a stand-alone product or as the backend for a mobile or web application, a top quality API is critical if managing a lot of data is important to your business. We can develop mature REST APIs from scratch or we can help improve your legacy software if needed.

With over 15 years of experience on the JVM platform our programmers build robust, yet highly maintainable software using Functional Programming principles aiming to realize our clients’ objectives faster, and more efficiently. 

Good architecture and design are important, therefore we carefully choose what to introduce or recommend for new projects. We prefer good libraries over frameworks and we believe in simple, focused and well-maintained open source tools which are proven and reliable, instead of the latest trendy gimmick

Consulting, Coding & Deployment

Agilogy not only advises on the best way to apply Information Technology in your organization, we build it for you.

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Accelerating your team

Improve and accelerate your software development by working together with our team. Together we'll reach your goals faster.

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Training & Education

Take your in-house developers' skills to the next level with customized training & workshops or courses from Agilogy.

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Data Engineering & Architecture

We can design and engineer the best architecture for your Backend system, ensuring reliability for now and for future needs.

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Your IT is only as good as the people behind it

Business cases

Ametller Origen

How we support almost every business process in a fast-growing food retailer by using IT intelligently in the Cloud.

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How to drastically lower costs while reliably tracking and reporting fuel products inventory through an API?

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How to streamline complex ‘legacy’ software in a big company, while also introducing ‘best practices’ and improving quality control.

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How do you reduce delivery times in a city while also improving the customer experience when you need to deliver 240.000 packages a WEEK?

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Better costumer insight through segmentation & targeting. How do you build the software that helps a client analyze BILLIONS of data points to effectively find useful meaning in their Big Data?

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How do you design a complex architecture for a large and multi-faceted organization, which will be in use for years to come?

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Programming languages

Java, Scala, Kotlin, Javascript, Typescript, Rust

Backend libraries and frameworks

akka-http, play, akka-streams, fs2, doobie, slick, cats, scalaz, circe, play-json, shapeless, magnolia, scalatest, scalacheck, specs, cucumber

Big Data engineering

Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch


PostgreSQL as both a relational and “not only sql” database. We also use other relational and non-relational databases.

  • I must admit @agilogy mates talent is impressive. @casaametller dev team thanks your efforts guys!

    Ivan Lorenz (@ivan_lorenz)

    Ametller Origen

  • Nos conocemos con el equipo de Agilogy desde hace más de 10 años. Cuando fundamos NUBILUM decidimos que ellos se harían cargo de nuestros desarrollos y estamos muy satisfechos con la decisión que tomamos. Es un equipo pragmático y flexible, que trabaja codo con codo con nosotros para buscar soluciones a los retos tecnológicos que nos planteamos.

    Pep Casals Puig


  • For a large project with a very aggressive timeframe and a somehow unclear definition I was looking for a cross-skill (AngularJS, Cordova, Scala) flexible team with extensive knowledge on solid practices for software development. Luckily I found a great team on Agilogy. I’m recommending them to everyone and looking forward to work with them again.

    Alejandro Scandroli

    Julius Labs

  • We're very happy in working with Agilogy. They are a small team, they take writing good code very seriously and they deliver. They also invest a lot on training and this benefits us as well.

    Albert Pastrana


How can we help you?


A developer at Agilogy is never alone. While every project has its dedicated developers, we all work in a team and can gather from each other’s strengths and collective experience covering a broad range of programming skills.

We also believe that learning is never done. Technologies evolve and new programming languages and frameworks appear constantly. That’s why we invest a lot in training, both in-house and traveling together to seminars and events.

We believe we’ve created an organization where the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

You already know you're good. Now take your skills to the next level.

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